4 Best Ways To Dress Will Make You Look Taller

When talking about wide leg pants, most girls think that it just suit for long-leg girl. There is nothing to do with 150CM girls. However, let’s take a look at the following 4 tips that make you look taller.

Same Color Tops and Bottoms

Same Color Tops and Bottoms - Look Taller

Girls always worry about falling into the fashion disaster when they are wearing because of lacking fashion sense, isn’t it? If the answer is Yes, then remember to choose the same color matching! Meanwhile, the same color tops and bottoms matching is also very popular recently. This kind of style can elongate the whole shape of women, and this wearing tips can also be used in the wide leg pants outfit. Let’s try the color such as all black, all gray, and all white.

Tight Tops and Wide Leg Pants

Tight Tops and Wide Leg Pants

The best worst worse idea for wearing wide leg pant is that the tops are loose and the bottoms are also loose. So remember to choose tight tops if your bottoms are loose. If you choose the wide leg pants today, then you can match with a tight piece such as a vest, close-fitting T-shirt and so on. This kind of style can make people illusion that your lower body is the same slim as your upper body. This tip is very suitable for the girls whose lower body is fat.

Appropriate Exposing Skin

Appropriate Exposing Skin

Expose the best slim parts appropriately to make them look good-figure. These parts can be the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and clavicle, etc. This will make you look taller. For example: If your calf is slim, then you can choose the shorter wide leg pants. On the contrary, if your neck and shoulder are slim, then you can choose long wide leg pants, matching with off-shoulder tops. Except for the ankle and shoulder parts, you can also utilize the crop tops, which can show your abdomen. It can also modify your body shape and elongate your figure scale.

Use The Belt Make You Look Taller

Use The Belt Make You Look Taller

If there are only loose tops left someday, just need to use a belt to bundling your waist, this kind of wearing can make you look slim and taller on the vision. Or when buying wide leg pants, you can choose the straight stripe printed pants, which can also make you make you look taller and more natural.

Want to make your figure scale better, then when you choose clothes please following the above 4 tips.

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